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Our sustainability journey strategy 2.0

Our sustainability journey strategy 2.0

All profits we make, are returned to Māori in the form of dividends, with the balance retained to fund long-term growth initiatives of Moana New Zealand. Iwi use these dividends to fund their own community based projects and initiatives like health and education or to support investment in their own businesses which in turn generates more employment and profits. Moana New Zealand profits can never be used for personal gain.

Moana New Zealand is the largest Māori owned seafood company and the second largest seafood company in terms of quota volume and value in New Zealand. Moana is an important part of the inter-generational Māori Fisheries Settlement with the Crown. The nature of that Settlement means that Māori will therefore always be involved in fisheries; activities and investments have a long-term perspective that is respectful of fisheries and the ecosystems they are part of. Our settlement assets will never be sold.

We recognise that improved future benefits will be delivered to iwi through increasing value rather than volume, given finite marine ecosystems. We also recognise that we must be profitable to be able to reinvest in sustainable management. Social sustainability is a key element to our success. The focus is on integrating corporate social and environmental responsibility into our business objectives.

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