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Moana New Zealand commits to promise


Moana New Zealand commits to promise

Moana New Zealand, along with New Zealand’s seafood industry, is publicly promising to protect the environment and secure long-term sustainable fisheries.

Lead by Seafood New Zealand, a promise to the people of New Zealand will air on Sunday July 2nd on mainstream television. It will feature people from throughout the country who are employed in catching, harvesting and processing the seafood that drives one of the country’s most important domestic and export sectors.

Moana New Zealand believes that innovation and technological development will shape the way we fish in the future, and while not many of the advancements that have been made are well known, Moana chooses to be transparent in their practices and share the stories of their people.

Investment in state-of-the-art fishing vessels and the latest technology are just some of the efforts the New Zealand fishing industry are sharing in the episodes.

Moana partners with other leaders in the seafood industry to commit to the promise to protect the environment by agreeing to the Code of Conduct. The Promise and the Code of Conduct are backed by web episodes that show life at sea and insights into the industry at operational level.

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, Bluff volunteer marine radio operator Meri Leask, The Marine Stewardship Council’s Anne Gabriel, Moana New Zealand’s Nathan Reid, skippers, crew, oyster openers and fish filleters are among those to feature.