Our Harvest

_guardians of a precious

Our Harvest

Our culture is one of respect for the realm of Tangaroa, respect for ourselves and constant innovation.
We will transition to more sustainable ways to harvest fish through the Precision Seafood Harvest modular system, better understanding and control of the trawl footprint of our fishers, and through advocating for seafood production zones.

Top of mind for our fishers is their own safety and care for the marine environment. They are all well-trained in order to live up to our values, and recognise their role as kaitiaki.

Maui Dolphin Protection Plan

Moana, along with WWF and Sanford released a Maui Dolphin Protection Plan in December 2016.

Awareness raising

Responsible fishers

Moana New Zealand inshore fishers are trained as responsible fishers through the Responsible Fisheries Awareness Programme.

Ecosystem service review

We honour our obligation as kaitiaki by embarking on our sustainability journey to safeguard the future of our premium and farmed seafood. We believe in courageous innovation and in carefully testing best practice in order to understand the deeper implications of future proofing our fisheries.

Our innovation

Moana new Zealand invests in and encourages innovative solutions to current challenges faced by the fishing industry.

ASC certification

_Blue Abalone ASC certified

Blue Abalone is the first aquaculture company in New Zealand and the fourth abalone operation in the world, to achieve Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification. ASC is an internationally recognised “gold standard” for responsible aquaculture production. This gives consumers the confidence that what they are purchasing has been raised at a responsible farm and is traceable throughout the entire chain.

Seabird SMART Training

We mitigate seabirds interactions by ensuring our fishers have all undertaken Seabird SMART training. To take this a step further, we’ve also sent a number of our fishers over to Great Barrier Island to work with Senior Ecologist, Biz Bell in a tagging program of our most endangered seabird, the Black Petrel.

FV Santy Maria

We were proud to be able to keep the build of this vessel in New Zealand to help grow boat building capabilities here at home. This vessel, as with the majority of our fleet, are equipped with Vessel Monitoring Systems, so we know where they are at any given time.