Our sustainability working group

Michelle Cherrington

Group Communications Manager

Michelle has been with Moana New Zealand for 5 five years and has been an active advocate for sustainability throughout her career. She is an integral part of the sustainability working group and plays a key role in sharing our achievements with the public.

Nathan Reid

Quota and Resource Manager

Nathan has worked across many sectors of the fishing industry, a past Nissui scholarship recipient, Nathan currently works for Moana where he has been for the past 10 years in harvest management and as a fisheries advocate.

David Cossey

Project Portfolio Manager

David shares Moana’s core values of Kaitiakitanga – being custodians for our future generations. It also makes good “business sense” both financially, and in connecting with our people. David wants to do his part as much as he can to help leave the environment in the best possible state for not only his mokopuna, but all future generations.

Emmanuel Malpot

Product Development Manager

Emmanuel believes that as marine farmers, we operate within the public domain; therefore we have a responsibility to respect and protect the water space we’ve been granted access to. He firmly believes that well-managed and innovative aquaculture operations have great social and economic roles to play in coastal communities.