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Emmanuel Malpot

Emmanuel Malpot

Product Development Manager, Moana Oysters
Emmanuel is the Product Development Manager at Moana Oysters. He holds a Diploma in Aquaculture and Post-graduate diploma in Marine ecology. His role with Moana Oysters is to assist with the modernisation of production systems. Based in Nelson where the nursery is located, the role involves liaising with Moana’s hatchery technology provider (The Cawthron institute) to ensure the reliability and safety of commercial spat supply. He is also involved in the management of our selective breeding programme and provides recommendations in order to improve the efficiencies of farming operations.

Emmanuel has been with Moana New Zealand for 5 years and more recently has been assessing ways to gain ASC certification for Moana’s oyster production. He is a key driver in achieving ISO14001 certification for the Nelson nursery site and was a member of the BAP-GAA mollusk technical committee.

Emmanuel believes that as marine farmers, we operate within the public domain; therefore we have a responsibility to respect and protect the water space we’ve been granted access to. He firmly believes that well-managed and innovative aquaculture operations have great social and economic roles to play in coastal communities.