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_blue abalone
A pure blue abalone direct from the cool, clean waters of Bream Bay, New Zealand.

_wild abalone
We hand–harvest abalone of a rare quality, taste and purity, from the nutrient rich waters off the rugged and remote New Zealand coastline – the purest oceans in the world.



Fin Fish

_Urutira ika

New Zealand's most sought after fin fish species, wild caught from our traditional fishing grounds then quickly brought to market with a unique lightness of touch.

From the pristine temperate, subtropical waters of the North Island, South Island and Chatham Islands of Aotearoa comes a rare New Zealand delicacy. New Zealand's lobster (jasus edwardsii) is the champagne of lobster, highly regarded for its light, sweet and rich taste with a firm white flesh.


_Kōura papatea


_Tio repe

Oysters - wild farmed in the pristine tidal waters of New Zealand, our Pacific Oysters perfectly capture the freshness and vitality of the waters they are harvested from.