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Seabird SMART Training

Seabird SMART Training

It is widely appreciated that New Zealand is the seabird capital of the world. We mitigate seabirds interactions by ensuring our fishers have all undertaken Seabird SMART training. To take this a step further, we’ve also sent a number of our fishers over to Great Barrier Island to work with Senior Ecologist, Biz Bell in a tagging program of our most endangered seabird, the Black Petrel.

In collaboration with Southern Seabird Trust and others, we’ve been part of a program where we used proxy seabirds made of woven FLAX. The trial included attaching these FLAX seabirds to a fishing line and seeing if cameras can automatically detect them.
It was a great success and now we have made the investment to install these cameras on long-line vessels in and around the Hauraki Gulf. This helps reinforce the importance of taking all precautions possible to ensure they don’t end up on a fishing line.

All of this, our fishers do voluntarily